high payment pay per read is it real or just scam

Pay per read program nowadays becoming more and more popular since 2005. Some website offer a minimum one sen per read, and even $100 US dollar per mail. A lot of research and prove show that the company that pay you more than one sen to read is a big big scam! Now let see either these company with high payment PPR is it real or just scam.

How we define the word of scam? Scam is a group of people with confidence trick or game, is an attempt to intentionally mislead a person or persons (known as the mark) usually with the goal of financial or other gain. Let me explain it to more simple, cheat a person's money and get nothing in return for that person. Now let's move on either the high payment pay per read is scam or not.

Before we get started, ask yourself a question: will a person, or a company, pay you about $100 just for reading the email he wrote for about 30 seconds? I bet won't except the guy are crazy! There got a lot of pay per read website that offer you $50, $100 or even $300 per mail read. This is ridiculous. But we can't assume that these are all scam cause we don't need to pay the joining fees, if we choose to become a free member. Massive sign-up bonus with high payment per mail read all became to factor to "force" people to join them. After joining, the members will start to receive a lot of advertising emails that needed to click to get credits. Some of the emails will ask the members to upgrade to gold member or VIP member which have more advantage than just a free member. They also will ask the members to buy visitor and traffic in case to increase the income. The upgrade fees is not cheap and after the members upgrade to gold member and reach the minimum payout, they get nothing at last.

This is how they scam you. At first ask invite everyone to join them for free, and offer a massive sign up bonus if join. They keep promoting the upgrade emails to the members and make the members to take out their wallet and upgrade or buy unreal traffic.

So don't ever joining the pay per read company if the payment per mail read is more than $10. Must beware of every single pay per read company except the only that real: paying-club. They pay out $10 per mail read, $100 sign up bonus and they really do pay to their members that reach minimum amount of payout. Maybe you will though is it another scam?? I said no cause the support ticket that sent to them have been responded by the admin of paying-club. The most importantly the members have received their payment after they reach $1000.

Believe it or not, but I will believe in this pay per read company: paying-club. They also have a certificate to prove that they are legit pay per read company. If you are tired with the other scam, you can try this now. You didn't lose a dime as long as you remain as free member.


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