Learn seo techniques, is becoming very common, but what is it that must be learned in order to quickly master the techniques-techniques are accurate and effective seo. I will try to discuss what should be held for beginners, so prepare first ingredients such as internet connections and websites that have not been optimized.

Basic Format
Immediately, seo basic format is actually located in: Title / page title, Meta, which is divided into two meta keywords and meta description. While in the body that need attention are penulisah heading (<H1>, <H2>, <h3>) and so on, because the writing is very influential in the process of heading seo. We recommend using the headings of 'wise', which should <H1> for main titles, <H2> for sub menus and so on. Influence pretty terrible and the results are optimal. Only by applying this basic format, I think all of the requirements of search engines has been fulfilled.

Keyword Selection
This stage is actually the most difficult stage, because ditahap you will get a great challenge to determine what keywords are appropriate for your website. All that should be determined by the special tools used to determine the keywords. Use it for free, the tools used for Google AdWords, as tools that can provide optimal results. Tips to choose the keywords that do not use keywords that are popular and widely contested.

Backlink & Blogwalking
This is important. I do not need to explain this in more detail as you surely already know about this. The point is how your website can be linked by other web similar topic if possible, but if baseball is also not okay. Likewise blog walking, by providing comments which is good and relefan the topic at a number of blogs in the hope of getting a link back to our website.

Actually the basic way to do the above, you can start trying to optimize the web that you have.

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